When Nightmares Continue to Haunt

Most people have had nightmares. Not only children, even adults can experience it. Then what is meant by nightmare? Nightmares are disturbing dreams because they bring up negative feelings, such as anxiety or fear. It is not impossible that nightmares can impact to the point of disrupting someone's life. Physical reaction When experiencing nightmares while sleeping, a person can react to extremes, such as screaming or screaming. This kind of nightmare can increase heart rate and trigger perspiration. Not infrequently a nightmare makes someone wake up from sleep, and the dream can be remembered clearly. After awakening from a nightmare, it will generally be difficult to go back to sleep. Such nightmares do not know age, although children tend to experience more. Children begin to experience nightmares at the age of 2-5 years. However, based on a study, children in the 7-9 years age range are the ones who experience the most disturbing dreams. In adults, nightmares also vary…
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